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Sleep better after just 5 sessions

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Access RESTore™ while at home, on the train, or at work

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Access RESTore™ from any device* connected to the internet

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Work through RESTore™ on your schedule and at your pace

“The first week was hell… Not being allowed to look at the clock stressed me out… But I gradually relaxed into the program; I stuck it out. After a month, I started sleeping! Years of insomnia and now I’ve been sleeping OK for a whole month! And I’ve stopped taking sleeping tabs.” ~ Veerle


  • 5 Weeks For Improvement

    Those who completed RESTore™ saw significant improvement in their sleep after just 5 sessions

  • Improve Your Sleep

    80% of participants saw significant improvement in their sleep habits within 5 sessions of using RESTore™

  • Learn the Do's and Don'ts of Sleep Habits

    Most people don’t realize how easy it is to get a better night sleep by simple habit adjustments. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts getting ready for bed and how to make sleep come easier and stay longer.

  • Critically Acclaimed Results

    RESTore™ has appeared in American Academy of Sleep, Time Magazine and the New York Times and has over 15 studies backing its results.

Who Created RESTore™?

RESTore™ was developed by international sleep expert Dr. Norah Vincent and has been featured in the New York TimesTime Magazine, USNEWS and other news outlets such as AOL Health and MS Health. The program was studied in a large trial that was published in the field’s widely respected journal SLEEP. This trial demonstrated that RESTORE™ helps people sleep more, sleep better, have less depressive symptoms, be more productive at work and make fewer mistakes at work. It is an ideal supplemental program for mental health clinics, sleep centers, schools and employee wellness programs.