• CCBT Ltd has programs for a multitude of disorders

    CCBT Ltd has programs for a multitude of disorders

  • Available on all devices, thanks to innovative technology

    Available on all devices, thanks to innovative technology

  • All our programs are designed by professionals

    All our programs are designed by professionals

  • Innovating online mental health

    Innovating online mental health

Who is CCBT Ltd?

CCBT Limited was the first company to offer computerised products based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and are the worldwide leader in this field. Our products help people manage anxiety, depression and a full spectrum of related chronic conditions.

CCBT Limited’s team is constantly seeking new and better ways to help our clients better their mental health by developing self-help programs that are feasible and affordable.

CCBT Limited is an innovator and world leader in delivering evidence based computer-aided cognitive behavioural therapy (CCBT).

A Brief History

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Founded in 2005, CCBT Limited has been creating effective programs to help people dealing with a multitude of mental disorders. In 2010 the company released its Calmer Series (a suite of psycho-education products) and announced the release of new products for OCD, depression, substance abuse and insomnia. Already at the forefront of providing online psychiatric programs and self help, we are now leading the market as the developer of choice for clinicians wishing to take their treatments to larger communities and establishing our healthcare platform as the leading international platform for treatment delivery.

The CCBT Ltd Helix platform also offers clinicians and service providers the ability to design and implement their own modules on a global eHealth platform.
We have a portfolio of evidenced based treatments, including FearFighter™, which is recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the UK for being clinically and cost effective.

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Our programs are designed to run on all types of digital devices including tablets, iPads, iPhones, and all other mobile devices. The back office system is designed specifically for a clinician-guided approach and is tailored to National Health Service (NHS) requirements for data collection in the UK. Our clinician clients can selectively configure the computerised cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) programs to meet their own specifications in terms of the patient health questionnaires they use and how much and how often users can access the product.

Supporting Research

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We have a Research Division, including Prof. Isaac Marks and Dr. Benjamin Bunney, with many years of experience in providing the tools to help researchers deploy innovative behavioural healthcare programs. Programs have been studied in academic, clinical and national health systems. Our proprietary development platform enables the efficient, effective and timely development of programs. The back office platform enables data to be collected efficiently and effortlessly and streamlines the transition from concept or content to a finished program and mass dissemination.


With our treatments being used by healthcare providers in multiple countries and languages, we are truly international in our approach and delivery. This community also extends into research where we are currently developing for three continents across five countries and in four languages.

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Based in Birmingham (UK), we now have partners in Australia, Holland, Denmark and North America for whom we do custom product development, internationalisation of our own portfolio, publishing of local treatments and research support and self-help products.

As well as delivering our traditional services, we are now working on processes, decision support, signposting and diagnostics solutions to support healthcare providers. We also assist insurance companies and employee assistance program providers to streamline their processes and reduce the diagnostic time for user and operational costs.