Difficulty sleeping is a very common problem throughout the world. According to The National Sleep Foundation, over 50% of adults in America experience one or more symptoms of insomnia at least a few nights each week. RESTore™ CBT for sleep problems and insomnia was developed by Dr. Norah Vincent. The program was studied in a trial that was published in the field’s widely respected journal: SLEEP.

It is most common to see improvement after 4 of the modules, so we encourage you to stick with it. Even if you improve early, the amount you improve may increase when you complete the whole program.

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Publically Acclaimed

REStore™ has appeared in New York Times, Time Magazine, U.S.NEWS and other news outlets

Evidence Based

Backed by over 10 articles, included 2 Randomized Control Trials (RCT)

Proven Results

80% of those using our 5 week program experienced a significant  improvement in the severity of their Insomnia

Learn about the psychological causes of sleep disorders and insomnia. You will identify any bad habits, learn about the consequences of insomnia, and set personal sleep expectations to continue working with for the remainder of the program. You will also be given access to your personal Sleep Diary and learn how this can help you have better night sleep.

In this session, you will learn four exercises to help you fall asleep and remain asleep. You will be asked to practice these as often as you like, but the more you practice, the better rest you may receive.

Session 3 dives into how to control night-time stimuli to set yourself up for the best night sleep possible. It also covers drugs that could be hindering your sleep patterns.

You will learn how to recognise and address negative automatic thoughts. You will be introduced to the ideas of “so what if” and “worry time” and how these can help you have a better night sleep.

In Session 5, you will learn about Sleep Hygiene and some of its affecting factors including: smoking, caffeine, sleeping with noisy bed partners or pets, exercise, and more. With each factor, you will learn strategies to improve your sleep cycle.

Mindfulness can be described as being in the “here and now”. In this session, you will explore how mindfulness can help you experience the day in a different way and result in having a more restful sleep in the process.

You’ve completed RESTore™! This section reviews the techniques and skills you’ve learned and goes through the progress you’ve made. Enjoy better sleep for the rest of your life.